Trace my egg


Egg stamping tellS you exactly where your egg is from

We are excited to have joined the Egg Producers Federation (EPF’s) in using a new egg tracing system. Each one of our eggs is stamped with a traceable code before it leaves the farm, that lets you find out where it was laid.
You can trace the individually stamped code on your egg to find out which farm it came from here!


What the code tells you

The two digits is the production type and the 3 digits is the farm code issued by the Egg Producers Federation (EPF) 

FR = Free Range

FR398 = Lakeside Farm

FR389 = Fresh Field Farm
FR204 = NZ Natural Farm



All of the ink we use to stamp eggs is food grade (mainly water based) and certified. The colour additives are approved by EU and FDA to be used in food. You could drink the ink without being harmful to your health.