From the farmer's hands and in to yours


Don’t you wish you could buy farmers’ market free range eggs any day of the week? Now you can. Craft Farmers’ Co-op eggs have all the same qualities you value in your farmers’ market eggs. They are sourced locally from happy, free range hens. They are fresh and have taken a simple pathway from the nesting box, via the farmer’s hands, and into your kitchen. The only difference is the point of purchase. The location and hours of your supermarket allow you to source this quality of egg any day of the week.


For Craft Farmers’ Co-op, “sustainability” is not a box that needs to be ticked. It’s as much a part of their farming philosophy, as being free range.

Egg production lends itself to sustainable practices: litter from the laying sheds is returned to the rest of the farm, making for an incredible fertiliser; the trees and shelter belts are established with hen welfare and the environment in mind.

Sustainability extends to staff. Steve at Lakeside Farm employs three Lincoln University agricultural students. The students enjoy the security of a part-time job for the duration of their study and a good hourly rate, which Steve happily pays, valuing their professionalism, care and genuine interest in the operation.

Craft Farmers’ Co-op packaging


The Craft Farmers’ Co-op packaging is made from an unbleached, uncoated cardboard called Kraftpak.

Kraftpak is biodegradable and recyclable, and uses renewable resources and traceable fibre sources. It’s a low density, high yield product, which means it’s produced using less fibre, yet it is particularly strong. This “stiffness” is important, as it protects the fragile eggs inside. The minimal fibre usage also translates to more cartons per ton of output, making it a very efficient and cost-effective packaging option.

The Craft Farmers’ Co-op team was delighted to find a packaging option that is produced so responsibly and with as much care as their eggs.