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Craft Farmers' Co-Op


Every Craft Farmers’ Co-op egg is hand picked and hand packed, making its way from the farmer’s hands and into yours within days.

In this way, you can source fresh free range eggs – just like those you enjoy from the farmers’ market – any day of the week, from the convenience of your local supermarket.

Craft Farmers’ Co-op eggs come from a collective of privately-owned free range egg farmers who produce some of the best eggs in New Zealand. By co-operating, these independent producers have the scale to make national distribution possible, while still having the freedom to farm exactly as they wish – which is respectfully and with care for their hens and environment.


Free Range Eggs Carton

Our Farmers


The individual free range egg producers behind Craft Farmers’ Co-op share common themes. Each is incredibly hands-on within their farming system. Each is adamant they produce the freshest, highest quality eggs in New Zealand. And each has long wanted to supply direct to their customers.

It was these commonalities that brought the farmers together. They got talking. And so, Craft Farmers’ Co-op came to be.


Free Range Eggs Carton

Our Hens


To supply premium quality eggs, you need premium quality hens receiving premium quality care. And that’s exactly what unites the Craft Farmers’ Co-op producers.

Individually, these farmers recognise the high calibre of care that each takes in their own operation. They were aware they produced some of the very best free range eggs in New Zealand and wanted consumers to have the option of sourcing these eggs directly.

Craft Farmers’ Co-op producers can promise you that their eggs have made their way to you with the highest possible levels of care – whether that be in the feeding and housing of the hens, the collection and handling of the eggs or the many steps in the process that see the eggs passed from the farmer’s hands and into yours.